There are dangers that are real, wars that arrive to your doorsteps. There are anxieties intertwined with pain since childhood. Anxiety is a faceless fear, it’s void, it’s death.
I create mises en scene that are aimed at filling this feeling of void. This is where fantasies, desires, eroticized objects that present traumatic stigmata dwell. With the help of impulsive gestures, forms appear, undergo rapid and continuous etamorphosis since my being is simultaneously pure subjectivity and a point of illusion.
Am I the only one to live what I am experiencing in this struggle to overcome fear and liberate myself from this nagging anxiety? We need to have others look at us to witness our own existence. Our fears are virtually produce of our own spirit. Refusal to express them only makes them stronger; thus fear and anxiety must be given a form in order to be conjured.
I make sculptures and paper bas­reliefs along with aquarelles. The creations are the result of intense and concentrated labour. They are exposed in in­situ installations with performance. Below are the events representative of my work that reflects my conceptual and plastic intentions:

Cage, peau, tissu (1986), Musée régional de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Québec, Canada.

Masque et guérites (2004), Galeries Artus, Montréal, Québec.

The bird of time of life and death (2017).

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